Come make Spring Harvest Baskets!

This Friday, March 9th is the last of The Whole School’s FREE Ready, Set, Learn program.  Please take this opportunity to come and check out the Whole School for some fun crafts, snacks and reading with Suzanne!  It’s a great chance to see the school and find out more abouThe doorbell rangt the Whole School program.

At this Friday’s reading readiness program the children will be making Spring Harvest Baskets, baking cookies and reading Beyond the Norther Lights by Lynn Blaikie and The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins!  Please come and join in from 9-noon at the Whole School.  See you there!

Ready, Set, LEARN ! Owl Moon

Tomorrow is Ready, Set, LEARN! at the Whole School.  Come and join Suzanne Bechard in wet-on-wet painting, talking about the night and reading OWL MOON by Jane Yolen.

9-noon at 5614 Hwy 6, Winlaw – The Whole School.  Snacks, songs, crafts & story time.  OWL MOON

See you tomorrow morning!

Ready, Set, LEARN – week 6 of 8

Suzanne Bechard’s Ready, Set, LEARN program at the Whole School is in its sixth week of an eight week program full of lovely crafts, yummy snacks, delightful stories, and play. Come and join her and some little people for this sweet preschooler program between 9:30 and noon this Friday.

This week Suzanne will plant some seeds into glass jars with the children to watch root growth, plant egg heads, and read a growth/plant story.   See you there!IMG_1941

Ready, Set, Learn – 8 weeks Jan & Feb

The Whole School is offering a FREE Ready, Set, Learn program for 8 Fridays throughout January and February – every Friday from 9:30 am-noon at the school.  Please join Suzanne Bechard in an exploration of the seasons through crafts, cooking, songs, reading, & playtime.  The children will make candles, felt, bake bread and plant seeds.  It will be lots of fun and an opportunity to spend some time at the Whole School and find out more about our school program.

Mosaic 2015

made by students 2015 with the support of Tara Harvey

Intersession – Celebrating the Arts

made by students 2015 with the support of Tara Harvey

made by students 2015 with the support of Tara Harvey

Students are back in the groove of Whole School tradition  with Intersession – three days dedicated to celebrating the arts.  It all begins this Friday during their outdoor leadership program – a day of biking, hiking and glassblowing lessons with WildFire Productions artists Brook & Kristan Hoskins.  The kids will have hands on experience blowing glass and make their own glass bead to take home.

Next Monday and Tuesday the students participate in a range of workshops facilitated by parents and community members including: mosaic, spinning, pottery, cheese making, baking, archery, and hula hoop dance.  A BIG thank you to those who are making it happen and sharing their skills. It’s going to be a really fun couple of days!

Reminder: early registration deadline is May 12th.  Contact Josee at 250-226-7737 or email  Financial aid is available.