Whole School Staff

The Whole School offers instruction from Kindergarten to Grade 7  assessment levels.  All our teachers are certified by the British Columbia College of Teachers and follow the BC Ministry of Education’s curriculum guidelines.   Currently on staff are two teachers, Rose Hodwitz (Principal) and Nicole Burns; Marilyn Ayers, learning support; and Josee Corrigan, operation manager.


Rose Hodwitz is a BC certified teacher and the principal at The Whole School.  In addition to the invaluable work she does in our classroom, Rose works as an early childhood educator, a potter through her company Pirate Rose Pottery, an egg farmer with Pirate Rose Poultry, and a builder, mechanic, tinkerer extraordinaire!  She has worked with children since 1998 in schools, daycares and one-on-one helping students with special needs.  She has been working at The Whole School since 2014.Rose

Nicole Burns has been a BC certified teacher since 2002 with a background in natural resources sciences.  She has been a climbing coach, a wildlife and forestry technician and the teacher at Gold Bridge Community School in Gold Bridge, BC  – a one room, multi-age K-7 program.  Nicole welcomes students, parents and community members into the classroom to form strong long-term relationships and a family-like dynamic where students can learn in a safe, comfortable and respectful environment.  She creates learning experiences that reflect students’ interests and passions.  Teaching in a remote, rural, one-room school taught her the importance of being creative, engaging, flexible, and resourceful.  As The Whole School’s Outdoor Leadership Program teacher, Nicole will bring her own passion for the natural environment and active lifestyle into her lessons when she takes the students out into our beautiful mountain community.

Nicole 1

Marilyn Ayers is the Whole School’s learning support.  She is a certified Educational Assistant and trained in Educational Kinesiology or Brain Gym.  Marilyn worked in the Whole School for several years prior to 2014 and the school is thrilled to welcome her back.  Marilyn’s philosophy that every day is a new day to start fresh without judgment brings great joy and perspective into each school day for the children she works with.

Josee Corrigan is The Whole School’s Operations Manager.  Josee has her M.A. in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria and a background in community development.  As one of the first faces parents see at the school, Josee feels it is important that families are comfortable to approach her with any questions or concerns.  Part of her job is to correspond with and answer questions from current and prospective families. Josee is a people person and welcomes interested parents to come into the school, see the space, and meet with her to find out more about the school program.   Josee began working at The Whole School in 2014.