2017/18 Calendar

2017/18 Whole School School Calendar Dates

Tuesday, September 5th                    Registration Day!

Wednesday, September 6th              Regular School ~ 8:45am-1pm        Opening Circle ~ 1-3pm

Wednesday, September 7th              First Full Day of School ~ 8:45am-3:15pm

Fridays, September 8th                          Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) – Gr. 4-7

Monday, September 11th                   Kindergarten home visits

Tuesday, September 12th                   First Kindergarten Day

Fridays, September 15th                       OLP  – TBA

Thursday, September 19th               First Parent General Meeting @ 3:30 pm

Friday, September 22nd                Professional Day (PRO-D) ~ No School

Wednesday, September 27th                   Curriculum Meeting

Friday, September 29th                       OLP – TBA

Thursday, October 5th                       Harvest Lunch

Friday, October 6th                        Non-Sessional Day ~ No School

Monday, October 9th                    Thanksgiving Day ~ No School

Friday, October 13th                           OLP – TBA

Friday, October 20th                           OLP – TBA

Friday, October 23th                      PRO-D ~ No School

Fridays, Oct 27th-Dec 8th              OLPs – Swim/Gym/Skate

Thursday, November 2nd                   Annual General Meeting @ 6:30 pm

Friday, November 10th              PRO-D ~ No School

Monday, November 13th                 Remembrance Day ~ No School

Wed/Thurs. Nov. 22nd & 23rd         Parent-Teacher Interviews

Sunday, November 26th                    Candle Lighting Ceremony

Saturday, Dec 9th                             Blue Moon Coffee House Fundraiser 5:30-10pm

Wednesday, December 19th              Winter Performance @ 6:00 pm

December 22nd to January 7th  WINTER BREAK

Monday, January 8th                         Back to School

Friday, January 12th                       Non-Sessional Day ~ No School

Fridays Jan 26th – Feb 9th                OLP –  winter program

Friday, January 19th                       Non-Sessional Day ~ No School

Wednesday, January 24th                     Parent General Meeting@ 3:30

Friday, Feb 3rd                                    OLP – winter program

Monday, February 12th                 Family Day ~ No School

Wed/Thurs. Mar. 14th & 15th             Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews

Friday, March 16th                         Non-Sessional Day ~ No School

March 17th to April 2nd                SPRING BREAK

Friday, March 30th                            Good Friday – No School

Monday, April 2nd                         Easter Monday ~ No School

Tuesday, April 3rd                               Back to School

Friday, April 6th                              Non-Sessional Day ~ No School

Fridays April 13th – June 1st             OLP – Spring TBA

Monday, April 16th                        PRO-D ~ No School

Thursday, April 19th                       Earth Day Open House Celebration (Everyone welcome!)

Wednesday, April 25th                        Parent General Meeting @ 3:30

Tuesday, April 24th – Thursday, April 26th            INTERSESSION – ARTS FOR 3 DAYS!

Saturday, May 12th                           Spring Market Fundraiser

Thursday, May 17th                        Parent General Meeting @ 3:30

Friday, May 18th                             Non-Sessional ~ No School

Monday, May 21st                         Victoria Day ~ No School

Thursday, May 24th                       Volunteer Tea

Monday, May 28th                              PRO-D ~ No School

Friday, June 1st                               Final OLP – year end school trip

Wednesday, June 6th                        Outdoor Fun Day

Thursday, June 7th                            Virtues & Closing Circle

Friday, June 8th                              Non-Sessional ~ No School

Monday, June 11th                          SUMMER VACATION