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Hello all Alumni of The Whole School.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please send us your name, your whereabouts and what you’ve been doing to the following address or email.

The Whole School Support Committee
P.O. Box 240      Winlaw, BC     V0G 2J0


                                                                                   or chat in person: (250) 226-7737

Here are some of the wonderful reflections past alumni have shared with us.

Whole School Alumni Testimonials…

I spent the first six years of my school career at The Whole School and absolutely loved it; it gave me a sense of community and respect for myself and the people around me. I attribute much of my success, academic and otherwise, to my time spent at the Whole School.”        Cairo Parker, age 29, received the Governor General’s Academic Medal for High School

“After The Whole School, I graduated LVR on the honor roll with a 90%+ average, graduated UBC in the top 10% of my class with an A+ average… At the Whole School I was given the opportunity and freedom to push myself, work on projects independently which helped me develop a sense of drive contributing to my success as a high school and University student.”        Saja Edwards, age 23

 “I am continually grateful for my experience at The Whole School. I feel it helped to foster in me an interest in learning and engaging with the world, academically and otherwise. When I first went to college many of my teachers seemed impressed with my ability to think critically and analytically and with my writing skill. The Whole School had a lot to do with that.”          Dylan Clover, age 26

“The Whole School gave me so much… understanding and valuing kind and caring relationships, allowing my creativity to grow, making me confident in myself and my abilities… made me a more whole person who is interested in the welfare of others and the world.”                Miryam Bishop, age 26

“I was encouraged to tap into my own creativity and use my inner strength and independent thinking. We were treated as competent and intelligent young people. The Whole School had a lasting impact on who I am and who I continue to aspire to be… a desire to connect with people with love, warmth, understanding and contribute to a harmonious and supportive society.”             Lilah Precious, age 27

If you would like to continue to support the Whole School, we can send you a pledge form that provides several options to donate to our school.  All donations receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank you for all you’ve done to support and further alternative education.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.    Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead