Spirit Animals – Student Art Show at Sissies

It began with a homemade paintbrush.

Using loose bristles, glue, sticks, tape and twine, the k-7 students of the Whole School in Winlaw began to craft their own custom art equipment. The goal was to create a work of art from scratch, by creating their own brushes, repurposing old sheets, pillowcases, or t-shirts as prepared canvases, and constructing and mounting their own custom-sized lumber frames.

At each step they were in control, the older students using applied math to design the dimensions for their frames, and in turn, helping the younger ones to build theirs.

As a group, they studied the art of legendary Anishinaabe artist, Norval Morrisseau, also known as Copper Thunderbird, or the “Picasso of the North,” and drew inspiration from his bold, colourful depictions of animals and their inner spirits.

Each student has chosen an animal and has painted that animal in a way that bares its spirit. Some are local animals, other are not. Look for patterns, bold dashes of colour, figures and designs within the bodies of their animals. They put care, time, and patience into their artwork, learning about layering, outlines, and patterns. They are proud of their work, and are so excited to share it with the community at Sleep is for Sissies.

Spirit Animals will run from Feb 15th – Feb 28th.

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