Kootenay Sufferfest Nakusp Fun Run – May 27

Kootenay Suffer Fests’ Nakusp Fun Run is coming up May Saturday, May 27th and Whole School students are gearing up to participate again.  Last year 12 students joined the Whole School running club and trained for a month at lunch recess in preparation for the 5 km run.  This year there more!

“It was an amazing experience for the students,” says Eli Geddis, Whole School teacher. “They got a chance to be a part of an athletic community event and set some personal goals.”

The Fun Run is only part of The Whole School’s integration of outdoor leadership into the school program.  Every Friday school is outside all day and often off campus.  The students conduct their curricular learning out of doors as part of their physical education credit as well as math, science, and socials studies.

“Teaching students outdoors allows us to experience and interact with the world in a new way and build connections with the wider community and each other.  We become comfortable in nature and develop positive experiences of school together,” says Eli.

The Outdoor Leadership Program builds resiliency not just in the students, but in parents as well. “I’m surprised by what my daughter is capable of when it is expected of her.  She wants to participate with the group and so she will push herself.  It’s been really positive,”   says a school parent.

The Whole School bases its curricular practice on the Circle of Courage – a positive youth development model based on the medicine wheel and the principle that to be emotionally healthy all youth need a sense of generosity, independence, belonging and mastery.  The OLP program at the school ties into these four quadrants of learning and development in a unique way that is not traditionally academic, but has proven to be very successful.

“Attachment theory, the Circle of Courage, restorative conflict resolution practices, and the OLP program, combined with small, multi-age class sizes, support each student in their development of emotional intelligence and compassion,” says Anniah Lang, Whole School Principal and teacher.

Last year was the students’ first year doing the Fun Run and it was a huge success.  The students thank the organizers for making it possible for them to participate as a school group.  Children 12 and under are free of charge.

The school strives to create a nurturing and safe environment and has chosen to block all WiFi and cordless phone signals at the school. The Whole School is now accepting applications for Kindergarten and elementary level students.  Financial help is available.

For more information contact the school at wholeschool@gmail.com or call (250) 226-7737.