Opening Circle – flashback!

Although Opening Circle seems in the distant past, I will take this opportunity to encapsulate the words of our esteemed Principal, Ms. Anniah Lang, by quoting her opening statements for the year.

“With the new curriculum in British Columbia and my involvement in educational theory again through my MEd Degree, I am reminded that what we do here at The Whole School works.  Schools all over the Province are trying to put together and trying out three and four grade multi-age classrooms, there are Masters Programs focused on place and place consciousness, and the new BC curriculum’s core competencies are principals have been embedded into the Whole School philosophy since its inception in 1973.  What we are doing here is cutting edge!  And as we start another school year I am reminded of how important our work here is.

The time and energy that you, as parents, put into your work at the school, going the extra mile with your volunteer time in the classroom, fundraising, building community by stopping to talk to the students and welcoming new families in can sometimes feel like a lot of extra time in our busy lives; but then you take a look around at the students and can see the rewards of it.  These students feel the value and the care that you put into the school and know that your time here is an investment in all of our futures because it is an investment in these children.

The Whole School offered a scholarship for the first time last year and the recipient of that scholarship came in to collect her money the other day.  Maya Green is a strong, smart and involved student off on her way to university at UBC Okanagan.  Maya is a graduate of this school and it again emphasized to me the value in the work we do here after meeting her.

So, Welcome Whole School families to another year at school!  Let’s make it a great one together. Thank you!”