Whole School CAR WASH – Thurs, May 19th 1-3pm

Every year Whole School students fundraise for a specific social issue.  This year the students are hosting a car wash and selling baked goods


SPCA present to Whole School students

and lemonade to raise money for the SPCA and celebrate generosity as part of the school’s Circle of Courage and Virtues programs.

“The children at the school have taken generosity into their hearts and decided to support the SPCA this year,” says Rose Hodwitz, Education Assistant. “Due to recent events in the local news this issue seemed particularly relevant, coupled with the fact that almost everyone has animals in the school making it a personal issue.”


Last year Whole School students raised funds for donation to the Colbert family for their son Jack’s medical travel expenses.  As a result of this engagement with Jillian, Aaron, Ivreya & Jack, the students helped raise awareness and learned about Down Syndrome.

The student’s car wash will take place in the school’s parking lot (5614 Hwy 6, Winlaw) during school hours on Thursday, May 19th from 1-3:00pm.  Come on down and get your car washed!