WINLAW May Water Day hosted by The Whole School was a huge success thanks to the hard work of Whole School parents and our amazing Winlaw community members!  So many people worked hard to make this event memorable in celebration of water.  A special thanks to the following people and organizations for helping make the event a success:

Craig Lawrence, Grigg Stone, Jon Wittmeyer, Chris Berger, Shanoon Bennet, Bo Conlin, Nicole for the Maypole dancing, Mike Payne, Leslie Mayfield, Angela Safire Jones, Strong Start, The Nelson Samba Band, The Winlaw Watershed Committee, and the Whole School parents.

Also, a big thank you to the following businesses for donating goods for the silent auction:

Abacus Beads, Through the Looking Glass, Misty Mountain Metals, Kootenay Baker, Otter Books, Still Eagle, Pixie Candy, Blue Sky Clothing, Esprit de la Femme, Secret Garden Toys, Manna’eesh, Sacred Journey, Boomtown Sports, Gaia Rising, Evergreen Natural Foods, Slocan Village Market, Dig Garden Centre, Sutherland Excavating, Roxy Corrigan RMT, Valley Vittles, Kootenay Co-op, Slocan Park Co-op, Jules Delaney, Stephanie Kellet, Cottonwood Kitchens, Darren Ireland Lion Iron, Tiny Stitched Heart, Bronwen Wetter Clay, Gaia Tree Whole Foods, Morgan Bardati of Kootsac, Miranda, Lawisha, Nomads Clothing, Robin Dupont Pottery, Mama Sita’s Cafe, Emery Herbals, Nancy Hawksbee, Elsje Boer, Winlaw Mini Mart, Oso Negro Coffee, House of Rhythm & Dance, Rainbow Berry, Divine Alchemy Tattoos, Julia Cedar Design, & Rasmussen